Malpractice Cases Fall into Many Categories

Malpractice cases

Malpractice cases are enforced and determined by the rule of law and legal precedents.  Malpractice cases are based on determining the standard of care required of a professional and departures from that standard of care which result in injuries. Recovering damages on behalf of people that have been seriously wronged has been the life work of Ron Zakarin. Ron represents people from all walks of life and is available to go over the facts of your medical malpractice case.  Call Ron and find out what he and his legal team can do for you.

The following is a partial list of matters that attorney Ron Zakarin and his team is prepared to handle:  Injury to a child, Injury to a mother, birth injuries, obstetrical negligence, gynecological negligence, pharmaceutical negligence, failure to diagnose, failure to diagnose heart attacks, failure to diagnose cancer, medication errors, wrong medication, illegible handwriting on the prescription, vision loss following surgery, failure to diagnose sepsis, failure to diagnose deep vein thrombosis, and medical neglect. Malpractice cases also include motor vehicle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, drunk drivers, uninsured drivers, injuries to passengers, broken bones, herniated discs, brain damage, internal injuries, permanent disabilities, spinal cord injury, and automobile defects. Ron also helps individuals with malpractice cases involving burn injuries, long-term medical effects, shortened life expectancy, permanent disfigurements, and fatalities.

Malpractice Cases to Stop Institutional Abuse

Boca Raton attorney Ron Zakarin has successfully handled negligence and malpractice cases throughout Florida. If you or your loved ones have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or suffered from a medical related injury that may have occurred due to ignorance, neglect, or apathy, give Ron a call, tell him what has happened and find out how he can help you. If you feel that the medical care you or your family member is receiving is substandard such as poor nursing care, a doctor’s neglect, nursing home abuse, home healthcare abuse, medication errors, misdiagnosis, or professional neglect or abuse, give Ron a call.

Malpractice cases need to be reported so that licensed professionals are held accountable for their wrongdoings, and those that have been harmed can have some restitution.  Working smart and working hard is what Ron Zakarin and his legal staff do for their clients. Call or request an appointment online for your free legal consultation. Help yourself by putting the power of the law on your side.

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